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How Professionals Remediate Your Flood Damaged Sterling Home

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Professionals Remediate Your Flood Damaged Sterling Home SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster is ready to tackle your water restoration needs.

Why You Need Help Fixing Flood Damage in Sterling

The damages left by a flood on your property can be extensive depending on what transpires during the incident. For example, if the flooding happens during a storm, the water and winds can destroy building materials like drywall and others. Even in cases where the level of damages is not immediately apparent, it can be extensive because floodwaters permeate through materials such as carpets and baseboards. The water also reaches into enclosed spaces such as wall cavities and crawlspaces. We offer professional mitigation that can help restore your Sterling home to preloss state.  

Unlike water spills, flood damage in Sterling is likely to involve an aspect of contamination. Therefore, trying to clean up the affected areas on your own can expose you to risks. As floodwaters flow, they collect contaminants like raw sewage, pesticides and pet wastes, which end up in your house. Our SERVPRO Franchise professionals wear the PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, enabling them to handle these wastes safely. We also spray EPA-registered disinfectants in the flooded sections to control contamination.  

As the water soaks into building materials such as drywall, insulation, and others, it is likely to cause loss of structural integrity, loss or R-value or other problems. The best way to deal with such outcomes is to tear down the affected materials and replace them with new ones, which is backbreaking work to tackle on your own. Our SERVPRO Franchise professionals work as a team, and using advanced tools easily tackle demolition and rebuilding dealing with the damage "Like it never even happened."  

Even after floodwaters outside the house recede, the standing water in the house remains. The longer such water remains in the structure, the higher the likelihood of causing secondary damage. Issues like mold infestation and deterioration of materials like wood, metal, and fabrics are just some of the secondary damages likely to happen. Our SERVPRO technicians help extract such water from the house fast using pumps or truck-mounted water extractors.  

If your property floods, you should not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster. You can reach us at (978) 537-1500 any day. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Find Out Now, What Should You do for Effective Mold Damage Remediation in Sterling?

2/8/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Find Out Now, What Should You do for Effective Mold Damage Remediation in Sterling? If mold is left unchecked, it can spread very quickly. Contact our IICRC certified mold damage remediation team for an assessment today.

We Keep Mold Damage From Spreading in Your Sterling Area Residence with Containment Measures

Partnering with SERVPRO to keep your home in Sterling in great condition pays off. We have the tools and experience to perform a multitude of tasks that protect your investment from different kinds of harm. Our IICRC-certified specialists always take the time to listen to your concerns and to provide guidance on how you can take steps of your own that prevent damage from occurring.

Many homeowners rely on us to help keep their homes protected from the effects of mold damage in Sterling. The harm that an over-abundance of microbes can bring can encompass your entire home and the belongings used by your family every day. Many items that receive little use, such as those stored in closets, basements, and attics, can sustain microbial infestations that cause ruined memories and the need to replace items, as well as keep you from handing down otherwise perfectly good things to relatives and friends.

Because mold spreads relatively easily from one area of a house to another via spores, we at SERVPRO know we need to control this mechanism. Whenever mold senses a disturbance nearby, thousands of spores fly into the air. They then travel on air currents and end up in locations everywhere in the home, searching for water to start a new colony.

Negative air pressure chambers solve this problem. Using both plastic sheeting and a powerful HEPA-equipped air mover, we can work on a location infested with mold and mildew confidently. Knowing that we can protect your home in this manner and keep spores from contaminating your home's currently clean areas allows us to concentrate on the work fully.

During the cleanup of mold particles, spores, and debris from blasting in other areas, we use vacuums that have HEPA filters attached. HEPA filters trap microbes and their spores, keeping your home from sustaining future infestations.

To help increase the protection from microbial infestations in the future, our mold remediation specialists treat affected and nearby areas with antimicrobial liquids. This also traps any microorganisms that might have settled in the area and encapsulates them. As this liquid dries, it shrinks around microscopic particles and crushes them.

SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster can help you understand the importance of reduced humidity and the elimination of water leaks in your home and how these steps can help prevent mold damage. Preventing its growth is as important as keeping microbes from spreading. Call us at (978) 537-1500, 24/7, year-round, and we can make everything “Like it never even happened.”

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Fire Restoration Experts You Can Trust In Your Leominster Home

1/28/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Restoration Experts You Can Trust In Your Leominster Home Our professionals have state of the art equipment to clean up and restore your home so you can return safely after a fire.

Local Leominster Fire Debris Cleanup Services

When a blaze breaks out on your property, it is only natural that your home may need fire debris cleanup services called as soon as possible. Fire doesn't just leave behind ashes and charred objects, but soot and foul scents as well. In your home, a fire broke out in your kitchen, due to an electric wok, and burned many of the foodstuffs on your countertop. Boxes, plastic, and food were all reduced to soot, which adhered itself to your countertops and walls. In order for the debris to be cleaned up, without any problems, it is best to call for help as soon as possible.

Calling Leominster-based fire debris cleanup services to your home can help reduce the time it takes to return it to its preloss state. Soot and ash adheres itself to the surrounding structure of your home based on the temperature at which the fire inside your kitchen burned. Calling in a professional cleanup and remediation team can ensure that the job is done correctly and thoroughly, making sure that there is no trace of the fire left inside of your home.

If you want fast, effective, and friendly cleanup services, it is best to call SERVPRO. Our technicians are IICRC-certified and highly trained to combat many different types of damage. When we get your call, SERVPRO always gathers a team swiftly and then travels to your house as fast as possible. We always aim to deliver fast and effective services, no matter the size of the problem.

SERVPRO always uses advanced technology to handle cleanup and remediation jobs. When it comes to fire debris, once we get rid of the charred remains from the fire, we can focus on cleaning up the soot from your countertops. SERVPRO can use chemical cleaning solutions to cut through the soot. After continually scrubbing at the soot, wiping down the counter, and respraying the solution, the soot can begin to break down and come away from the surface.

Once we have removed all of the debris left behind by the fire, our work is done, and you can enjoy your home once more in its preloss state. We're confident we can leave you feeling "Like it never even happened."

When a fire leaves behind a mess, always reach out for help immediately. Contact SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster by phoning (978) 537-1500. Night or day, we're ready to come to your home and remediate the problem away.

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Duct Cleaning Improves IAQ in Fitchburg Structures Says SERVPRO

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Duct Cleaning Improves IAQ in Fitchburg Structures Says SERVPRO SERVPRO Tells Fitchburg Homeowners to Keep the HVAC Ductwork Clean for Improved Indoor Air Quality

Why SERVPRO Handles Fitchburg Heater Duct Cleaning with Ease

HVAC systems play a crucial albeit unseen role in keeping homes and commercial establishments habitable by regulating temperature and air quality. Over time these systems accumulate contaminants ranging from dust, dander, smoke, mold, and pollen as air is circulated through the systems many times every day. Air duct cleaning can help remove these contaminants improving air quality and preventing other problems. For example, by keeping the furnace or heater ducts clean, “puff-back” can be avoided.
A thorough inspection is necessary during Fitchburg heater duct cleaning because many parts in the HVAC system collect dirt over time. Our SERVPRO technicians focus on the parts that require attention including supply ducts, return ducts, heat exchangers, the cooling coil, blowers and filters to ensure the air duct cleaning exercise we carry out addresses all issues.
Where the property is located as well as how the property is used determines the kind and level of contaminants likely to affect the HVAC system. Choosing air duct cleaning companies with the necessary equipment, skills, and experience helps ensure thorough cleaning. Our SERVPRO technicians are well-versed with different situation including removal of lint from clothes dryer vent in both commercial and residential properties. We also have specialized equipment for heater duct cleaning including wire extension brushes whisk brushes and powerful specialized vacuums for debris removal during cleaning.
Microbes like mold and even dust mites can develop in heater ducts. Since microbes grow over time, they can be harder to deal with compared to regular dirt. Besides, they are also likely to affect air quality. Our SERVPRO technicians combat these microorganisms by spraying antifungal and antimicrobial agents into the ducts. We use ULV foggers to deliver the cleaning agents effectively all over the ductworks, working from the inlets to the outlets. To limit chances of runs and drips, our technicians turn the fogger on and off periodically. In case of mechanical damage in the HVAC system, we involve a professional repair technician. However, our cleaning crews can patch up minor leaks.
A fully functional air conditioning system helps keep properties habitable. Call SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster at (978) 537-1500 to help clean air ducts in your property. We deal with every aspect of the problem “Like it never even happened.”

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Call SERVPRO To Restore Your Lancaster Business

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Call SERVPRO To Restore Your Lancaster Business SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle all types of water damage.

Complete Commercial Water Removal Must Include Walls to Protect Lancaster Office Buildings

A water leak anywhere in your office building can soak the area quickly. When your property in Lancaster sustains a water incident on one of the upper stories, lower floors can contain hidden water inside the walls and ceilings. SERVPRO technicians have specialized training and all of the latest equipment needed to get these enclosed areas dried out, so subsequent issues do not affect your property.  

Water that flows down on the inside of your Lancaster property's walls causes water damage and affects ceilings, making commercial water removal necessary to prevent severe problems from affecting the condition of your building. While stained ceilings can take months to appear, microbial colonies can begin growing in as little as 24 hours after a leak releases water. Our specialists work as fast as possible to remove lost water and prevent such situations from increasing your restoration costs.
To accomplish this, we use thermal imaging devices that show in real time affected areas. The temperature on the surface of the walls changes enough to register on our equipment. We follow this up with moisture readers that accurately determine how much water the materials contain.
Typically, we can dry walls with our Injectidry system, which forces dry air into walled cavities. For solid walls, merely directing warm, dry air toward the affected wall at an angle pulls all of the moisture out rapidly enough to keep it from becoming damaged. Coverings made of vinyl can prevent this method from working adequately. Recovering a saturated wall after we remove the vinyl covering and dry the wall is much less costly than replacing the entire wall.
Because stretching is most likely to occur during removal, you need to decide what you want to cover the walls with after we finish. Once we restore dry conditions, we can also treat the bare wall with an anti-fungal agent. Adding protection like this dramatically increases the value of our services to you.
SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster has teams ready to resolve moisture problems in your office building in Still River, Sterling, and Clinton. Water damage removal teams work hard to restore dry conditions in your property. Call (978) 537-1500 to find out more about our services and how they can help you recover after a disaster. 

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How SERVPRO Removes Mold in Your Leominster Home

1/3/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How SERVPRO Removes Mold in Your Leominster Home Mold easily grows in Leominster. Call SERVPRO at the first sign of mold damage.

Why SERVPRO For Mold Removal In Leominster

Although our community did not feel the worst of the storms that struck our state this year, Leominster residents still dealt with any number of weather-related issues. The temperatures and amount of rain still caused an incredible amount of damage. Another issue homeowners are now beginning to discover the mold that grows after all that water wakes mold spores out of their inert state.  

Yes, it is cold outside, and mold rarely grows below 68 Degrees. So why do you need SERVPRO in your Leominster for mold removal? Because it is not 67 or below inside your home. It is probably a lot closer to 77. As long as mold has a range from 68 to 86 degrees, growth continues if it has sources of water and food.  

To remove the mold, our restoration technicians can either clean the mold out of the home or eradicate an item if the mold had extended hyphae into the surface and grown into building materials like drywall, ceiling tiles, and support structures like wall framing.

SERVPRO technicians have an extensive inventory of anti-fungal cleaning agents that can kill spores and help break up massed layers of mold. For thick layers or rough surfaces like stone, they use a thicker cleaning agent and a brush or another agitation device to get to every mold spore.  

For thicker layers of mold in an attic, technicians can also use a new method called soda blasting. Team members use a high-pressure device to fire a stream of sodium bicarbonate onto exposed surfaces. The powder is very abrasive and exceptionally useful for removing mold while causing no harm to the structural supports in the attic.

Where the mold did penetrate deeper into the material, it is usually cheaper to replace them than to attempt restoration. Drywall, in particular, crumbles easily after its physical integrity is disturbed by mold growth. For minor penetration into wall framing, it is possible for team members to sand down the surface to remove the mold in small areas. If the growth is into a majority of the surface area, then is cheaper to replace it than expend the labor hours to try and restore it.  

No matter where you live along Routes 2 or 12, SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster is here to help restore your residence to its pre-mold condition. To schedule a visit with an inspector or restoration team, call (978) 537-1500 today.

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Why Professional Remediation is Needed for Your Mold Damaged Leominster Home

12/17/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Why Professional Remediation is Needed for Your Mold Damaged Leominster Home What is hiding behind your wall paper? Inspect your home regularly and call SERVPRO at the first sign of mold.

Preventative Steps to Avoid Mold Growth in Your Leominster Home

Every Leominster homeowner wants to do what it takes to keep disasters from impacting their property and their families. With this idea in mind, preventative steps might seem improbable for natural disasters, but not for circumstances that can ultimately cause the same degrees of damage such as mold growth. With certain precautions taken to prevent and actively deter mold colonization in your home, you can work to keep this situation from happening as much as possible which saves you time and money.

While many Leominster homeowners experience mold damages at some point in their home’s life, it does not have to be a bank-breaking ordeal. With the right steps getting taken immediately upon discovery, our experienced SERVPRO professionals can arrive to perform an honest assessment of the situation and get to work on containing the spread of the colony and preparing to remove the organism as efficiently and safely as possible.

Something that every homeowner can do to help reduce the possibility of mold growth in their home is to inspect all of the areas of your house regularly. Some people do not use areas of their property like their basement and attics. With regular inspections of these areas, a homeowner can remain informed about potential vulnerabilities and moisture breaches that leave the area feeling damp. These conditions are ideal for mold growth, so early identification of potential concerns can help reduce the spread of a mold colony significantly.

You cannot remove mold spores from the environment, so you must learn to reduce the ways that they can colonize. If you have areas of your property prone to dampness and moisture, our SERVPRO professionals would recommend a continual use of equipment like dehumidifiers to reduce the overall humidity in this area to prevent spores from sticking to surfaces ideal for their growth.

Finding the right professional assistance for mold growth in your home is not difficult to do, our SERVPRO of Fitchburg – Leominster remediation professionals are standing by 24/7 by calling (978) 537-1500.

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Learn Effective Ways To Save Your Ceilings And Floors After Water Damage In Your Lancaster Home

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Learn Effective Ways To Save Your Ceilings And Floors After Water Damage In Your Lancaster Home Help is on it's way when you call a SERVPRO expert.

Wet Floors and Ceilings Require Different Water Extraction Methods in Lancaster Residences

Damaging incidents involving water can happen anywhere in your residence in Lancaster. When ceilings or floors become waterlogged, SERVPRO technicians can use highly effective equipment to get these portions of your property dry again.

Protecting your home in Lancaster from the effects of permanent damage by using water extraction techniques starts with your quick response to a water emergency. The earlier we can begin, the better results we can obtain for you. As always, our goal is to mitigate the damage and get your home's condition restored, so everything looks just “Like it never even happened.”

Hardwood floors that become overrun with water damage can look almost new again, saving our customers from the need to reinstall new flooring. We must begin water extraction and drying procedures as soon as possible to achieve great results. Our Injectidry equipment for this includes heated mats that force absorbed water to evaporate. Once water becomes airborne, the Injectidry system pulls it out of the flooring and into enclosed chambers, where it cannot escape.

Steady drying is key to getting the best results, so we continue to monitor the amount of moisture remaining in the floor. Hardwood must retain some moisture as becoming too dry can also create damage to the wood boards. Checking for cupping or crowning after we finish assures the homeowner of an excellent job that protects their investment and the beauty of their home.

Ceilings can become saturated with water from broken pipes, a leaky roof, overflows, or even a window left open during a rain shower. Water in a ceiling can cause injuries if it falls on someone. SERVPRO technicians test for the presence of water and the need for draining it from the ceiling's cavity. When water does exist, we drill tiny weep holes near the outside perimeter of the water, allow it to drain, and repeat until we reach the center of the 'puddle,' where we drill the final weep hole.

Afterward, and for wet ceilings that do not retain water, we use a single air mover after attaching some flexible tubing to force air into the ceiling. We prefer to use an already existing hole, such as a light fixture's space. Without any new holes to patch up, we can finish that much sooner and let your family get things back to normal.

SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster also answers calls for Clinton, Devens, and Still River. When you need water extraction and drying professionals to preserve your home and protect it, call us at (978) 537-1500. Emergencies happen at any hour, unexpectedly, which is why we are always here, ready to answer your questions and give you information on how we can help you.

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Soda Blasting, Ice Blasting, and Sand Blasting after Major Fire Damage in Leominster

12/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Soda Blasting, Ice Blasting, and Sand Blasting after Major Fire Damage in Leominster Our technicians have state-of-the-art equipment to conquer any fire and soot damage!

House Fires Cause Tremendous Damage & Headaches - SERVPRO Can Provide Peace of Mind

Most of the time when we talk about the restoration of homes after a fire, we are talking about soot and smoke removal. However, when fires burn at a high temperature, they can cause structural damage as well. These types of fire are generally referred to as major and leave behind charred furniture, structure, and fittings. Despite the seemingly permanent impact, many of these items can be restored rather than replaced using the right equipment.

Severe fire damage in Leominster homes requires intense restoration efforts. At SERVPRO, we use IICRC certified technicians who know how to remove, replace or restore items as well as which parts can be salvaged. Where substantial damages are present, we may have to pack out items to a nearby cleaning facility to fully restore them using ultrasonic cleaning methods.

As for the structure, a careful assessment and pre-test of materials can be carried out by your SERVPRO technician. Although a test process may seem time-consuming, it is an essential part of the work we do. For natural materials, the use of a sandblaster can help to remove charring without the expense of replacing furniture or structure. This equipment removes the charring layer by layer leaving behind a smooth, remediated surface. For your homes more delicate items soda, or ice blasting can be equally effective at removing damage but are less abrasive than sandblasting. However, we need to test the materials before we can apply equipment like this so we can ensure the right outcomes are achieved.

In any fire, the lingering odor of charred materials can be an unpleasant reminder of the event for a homeowner. SERVPRO is certified in odor control techniques using water-based or desiccant chemical foggers to help find and neutralize unpleasant odors. A thorough deodorization of your home can make the fire damage seem "Like it never even happened."

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We are responsive restorers of small, medium-sized and large-scale damages. Contact SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster at (978) 537-1500 to arrange a call out.

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Got Excess Moisture After A Flood In Your Harvard Home? Our Team Can Make It “Like it never even happened.”

11/25/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Got Excess Moisture After A Flood In Your Harvard Home? Our Team Can Make It “Like it never even happened.” Flooding is not an everyday event, but when it happens, it can cause severe loss.

Dealing With Moisture After Flood Damage In Harvard

Flooding is not an everyday event, but when it happens, it can cause severe loss. What can make a difference are the response measures taken after such an incident affects your Harvard property. There is a need to secure the structure and its contents to halt further damages. Removal of contaminants introduced to the structure is also essential as well as moisture control. The need to finish those steps within a reasonable period is also crucial because the longer it takes, the higher the likelihood of further complications arising. As IICRC certified restoration service, we can help you tackle the situation better.

Before starting the restoration of flood damage in Harvard, it is necessary to evaluate the percentage of the structure ruined. Water has varying effects on contents and different parts of the structure. Issues like water spots, swelling, and color bleeding effect upholstery items. In wooden furniture and parts of the structure, problems like warping weak joints, and general loss of structural strength in particle boards. Using moisture sensors and meters, our SERVPRO technicians can accurately tell the extent of the damage.

Saving items, both affected and unaffected, is vital when dealing with flood damage. Various actions can help achieve this objective. Performing a flood-cut two feet above the waterline helps stop moisture migration on walls through absorption. Removing the carpet and other floor coverings help quicken drying of wooden floors, preventing problems such as buckling and warping. Our SERVPRO crew also moves items from affected areas.

A flood-damaged structure requires thorough drying after cleanup to prevent additional problems like mold growth. Several factors including temperature, humidity, amount of water to be evaporated, and air movement affect the drying process. We focus on thorough water extraction before starting other drying procedures to increase effectiveness. One truck-mounted extractor can remove 36,000 gallons per day compared to a dehumidifier, which only manages 30 gallons per day. The ideal temperatures for drying are between 70° and 80°, so if heating is not available in the house, our SERVPRO technicians use portable heaters.

Excess moisture in a flooded property can cause significant problems. SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster can help you take corrective measures. You can reach us at (978) 537-1500 any time.

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