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We Get You Back In Business In Fitchburg After A Fire

1/27/2020 (Permalink)

Two cabinets leaning against a wall that have suffered smoke damage Our experts used our specialized cleaning techniques to restore these cabinets after a fire. We are available 24/7 to restore your property.

Commercial Water Damage Fitchburg – Malfunctioning Fire Sprinkler

Although it is infrequent for commercial fire sprinklers to malfunction, however when sprinklers do fail, water can damage the contents of your building. Malfunctioning water sprinklers are generally caused by overheating, freezing, corrosion, mechanical damage, and human sabotage or errors. Older systems tend to have more corrosion and are also subject to damage from employees hanging things on the pipes or accidentally knocking the sprinkler heads.

SERVPRO can respond to commercial water damage situations quickly in Fitchburg and surrounding areas. We understand how important it is to avoid downtime for your business to avoid production losses, sales, and revenue declines. We respond in less than four hours from the time of your call on a 24 / 7 basis.

Water Damage from Sprinkler Systems

Fire suppression sprinkler systems do not malfunction very often; however, when a sprinkler head does begin spraying water in a specific area, it can quickly soak an area. Water can spread across floors, into walls, under equipment that may be very difficult to move.

SERVPRO has a variety of wall cavity ventilating systems that include air movers and blowers with attached hoses to utilize for every drying challenge. We can direct air under cabinets and equipment too heavy or awkward to move. Many commercial buildings contain structural cavities that need to be dried to avoid high moisture conditions that can lead to mold infestations after water damage. Hoses can be directed into these areas pushing dry air into the cavity and absorbing the moisture.

On occasion, we may have to drill small holes to gain access to these cavities or under cabinets. SERVPRO can attach the appropriate drying equipment in these situations to return humidity levels to normal levels. We also use heavy-duty venting fans that move vast volumes of air to clear large areas of moisture and odors.

Call SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster at (978) 537-1500 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Pratt Junction, Still River, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Discuss Safety While Performing Water Cleanup In Sterling

11/15/2019 (Permalink)

hotel room You want to keep people out until you are sure that the structure in your water damaged Sterling motel is safe.

Safety with Structure While Performing Water Cleanup In Your Sterling Area Motel

Structural hazards are not limited to storm-damage or floods. Any long-term water exposure in your Sterling area motel can weaken materials, such as flooring and drywall. A professional can help you look for structural hazards and provide you with the services you need to get back on track.

You want to keep people out until you are sure that the structure in your water damaged Sterling motel is safe. Water cleanup, damage mitigation, and restoration services performed by a qualified professional can help you get the structure of your building back to the way it was before the event occurred, “Like it never even happened.”

A company, like SERVPRO, has the personnel, equipment, and resources necessary to respond to your call 24-hours a day. We can help prevent further damage from happening, locate the source of the water, remove excess water, and place drying equipment in the affected area to help protect your guests, employees, and company assets.

Gas leaks after a flood are not unusual. If you smell gas, leave immediately and contact the gas company or the fire department. You should wait for someone qualified to enter your property with you after an event. SERVPRO technicians help you avoid numerous hazards often present and ensure everyone's safety.

If water entered your building from above, SERVPRO technicians check for water trapped in ceiling cavities. Drywall softens when wet, and ceilings may fall onto employees or guests. Technicians punch weep-holes into drywall to free water trapped in ceiling cavities.

Particleboard floors, exposed to water in your hotel, may not support the weight of luggage movers, food carts, ice machines, or people after an event. Professionals can examine the subfloor to determine the extent of damage and stability of structural components.

Broken glass, exposed nails, splinters, and other sharp objects may be present in water-damaged buildings. You want to watch where you step and what you have employees pick up, other hazards may exist that only a certified professional can recognize.

Never hesitate to call SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster, for access to quality water cleanup and restoration services throughout the Harvard, Lancaster, and Clinton areas. Call (978) 537-1500.

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Fitchburg Commercial Settings, Air Duct Cleaning, and SERVPRO

9/17/2019 (Permalink)

Large commercial warehouse showing the HVAC ductwork SERVPRO Says to Rely on the Pros for Commercial Grade Duct Cleaning of Your Fitchburg Warehouse or Place of Business

Benefits to Cleaning the Air Ducts of a Fitchburg Warehouse

You might not realize how beneficial the maintenance of your air duct system can be or the effect that a throttled airflow can have on your Fitchburg warehouse. With numerous employees and a steadily changing inventory of goods and wares for various businesses, you might not realize how vital this air quality can be to keep your staff healthy or your business in top form.

We offer efficient air duct cleaning services for Fitchburg businesses that begins with a thorough inspection. As a trusted name in the restoration industry, we are not going to recommend services that we do not think that you need, and our honest inspection involves sophisticated discovery tools. We can not only make our assessment of the present condition of your air ducts but show you our concerns with the results of this inspection with imagery obtained from our borescope cameras.

These discovery tools we use can navigate all of the turns and elbows of your air duct system to see most stretches of the ducts. We are looking for throttled sections, where the soil has compounded into a thick layer of sediment and debris. Not only does this indicate spaces where airflow can become restricted, but it is also a source of circulating potential contaminants, bacteria, and dust that can lead to health effects, an inefficient HVAC performance, and a continual need for cleaning in the facility.

Our SERVPRO techs can use advanced equipment to clear the air waves and insure a high indoor air quality level. With special vacuums, HEPA filtration, powered brushes and whips, we can scrape and buff the interior walls of sheetmetal, flex, and fiberboard ducts.

Understanding the benefits of cleaning this system when areas become compromised can ensure that the work happens as quickly as it should. There are multiple reasons that a clean HVAC system can benefit you, including:
- Improving the efficiency of the entire system.
- Reducing the spread of contaminants, dust, debris, and bacteria.
- Reducing energy costs.
- Limiting excessive cleanup and potential damage to stored goods.
Protecting the items within your warehouse, along with the health and wellbeing of your staff, are top priorities for your business. While you might not know the status of your air duct system, our SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster team can help with an honest and thorough assessment. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (978) 537-1500.

The Advantages Of Hiring SERVPRO After Your Leominster Hotel Experiences A Fire

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster is ready to help you with hotel fire damage 24/7.

Benefits Of Professional Fire Damage Remediation For Your Leominster Hotel

Whether locals arrive for a staycation or far-flung relatives and friends gather at your Leominster hotel for a wedding, graduation, or anniversary celebration, you promise guests a safe and comfortable stay. If a fire on the property threatens these expectations, you need professional help fast. Our team of Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians have the skills and the equipment to turn a fire disaster around.

Your on-site hotel laundry facility in Leominster experienced fire damage from a blaze that started in lint-clogged dryer vents. Although the flames knocked down quickly when the automatic sprinkler system activated, your facility suffers from a smoky smell and soggy carpeting near the laundry. Our crews can help with all aspects of this disaster, protecting your customer’s travel plans as well as your bottom line.

When our SERVPRO crew arrives, we assess the need for water mitigation as part of the overall fire damage scenario. Technicians contain the damaged space, setting up air scrubbing equipment to filter and then vent airborne soot particles, and their associated odors, outdoors. We use pumps and extractors to remove standing water from the tiled floors in the laundry area.

Our crew leader designs a drying perimeter with heated air movers and dehumidifiers in the affected area. Other SERVPRO technicians work on the wet carpeting in the hallway near the laundry. First, they use wanded extractors to mitigate the damage, preventing the spread of moisture to the rest of the carpet. Then weighted extractors force water from both the wet carpet and padding.

IICRC-trained technicians must perform the in-place carpet water extraction. SERVPRO technicians avoid stretching or tearing the carpet fabric. Failure to proceed appropriately can also risk delamination of the carpet from its backing. When moisture levels drop to levels prescribed by industry, best practices drying equipment is added to complete the project.

If needed, SERVPRO deodorization specialists employ additional strategies if the air scrubber leaves an unwanted smell. Thermal foggers or hydroxyl generators can neutralize the odor-bearing particles. Finally, we take a look at the trouble-causing dryer vents, cleaning them for safety and future equipment efficiency.

SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster is ready to help you with hotel fire damage 24/7. Call us at (978) 537-1500 to schedule an assessment and to get the ball rolling on mitigation and remediation that makes it “Like it never even happened.”

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Fitchburg Commercial Properties Benefit from Air Duct Cleaning--SERVPRO Can Help

6/25/2019 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO Green Fleet Cleans Air Ducts in Fitchburg

Improving Air Quality with HVAC Cleaning for Fitchburg Hotels

With the larger volume of guests that can choose your Fitchburg hotel for accommodation at any given time, it is always wise to do whatever you can to improve the experience of these customers as much as possible. Indoor air quality is an often-overlooked aspect of guest satisfaction, and it can also be a costly problem for your business in multiple ways. Our team offers a free evaluation of your HVAC system to determine if a cleaning is necessary.

Our professionals have extensive experience with air duct cleaning for Fitchburg hotels like yours. Even with the much larger HVAC units and more extensive networks of ducts to clean and inspect, we have the effective and efficient tools to get the jobs done correctly in a minimally interruptive manner. We know how quickly the guest experience can get compromised, so we work to fit this cleaning into the least congested times of the day, with sophisticated tools and products that quickly reduce contaminants, buildup, and debris in the system.

Apart from the health and wellbeing of your guests and patrons, there are other reasons you might also consider choosing duct cleaning from our SERVPRO professionals. The first of these advantages is lowered energy costs and the longevity of your HVAC system. With less throttling of the conditioned air moving throughout your building, the system runs more efficiently. This performance can improve the lifespan of the appliance while also reducing potential energy costs.

Additionally, our SERVPRO team members can also clean this system to reduce the amount of time that your housekeeping services provide upkeep and maintenance to individual rooms. Compromised systems collect dust and debris against vents and registers, so with the circulation of air, these particulates get spread to nearby surfaces and require cleaning.

To avoid added time cleaning, to improve the efficiency of the system overall, and to make the air quality better for your guests, consider air duct cleaning from our SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster professionals. We can respond quickly to your concerns with a free and honest evaluation of your HVAC system. Give us a call today at (978) 537-1500.


To Improve The Air Quality In Your Fitchburg Commercial Property Call Our Experts For Air Duct Cleaning

4/30/2019 (Permalink)

If you would like a free inspection and estimate for your property, call us at (978) 537-1500 for an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning In The Spring Ensures Better Indoor Air Quality For Tenants In Fitchburg

Both hotels and large apartment complexes in Fitchburg need to provide their occupants with safe conditions, including a high-quality indoor environment. The heating and cooling system requires maintenance of the HVAC system to continue working efficiently. Part of this includes the ducts themselves.

SERVPRO technicians in Fitchburg perform commercial air duct cleaning using different tools attached to lengthy augers. These brushes and air-whips loosen debris attached to the inner sides of ducts and make it possible for our negative airflow system to remove the debris. In large buildings, this debris can contain dust mite waste, pollen, pet dander, microbes, dust, hair, and other unwanted substances.

Setting up the negative air pressure system we need to use involves taping all of the vents closed with heavy plastic and non-marking tape. While we have the vent covers off, we wash these thoroughly to remove any debris and then dry them. We also clean any filters in the system. We trap everything that the negative air pressure system's suctioning extracts, so it does not end up outside, dirtying up your property's appearance.

We begin at the top level of the building and work our way down, floor by floor, removing the debris that might otherwise make your system work less efficiently because of reduced airflow and clogged areas. Bends in ducts can cause this easily and create blocked areas that cause tenants or guests to complain about heating or cooling issues, as well as adjusting their individual thermostats, resulting in higher utility bills.

Cleaner air is not the only reason to have ducts cleaned. The reduced risk of fire, as well as lower costs month-to-month, are equally valid reasons to have air ducts cleaned yearly. Pollen that comes in through open windows during the spring months can also cause problems for sensitive individuals whenever these tiny particles enter their dwelling space from the vents.

SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster can assist owners and managers of apartment complexes and hotels maintain their ventilation systems and improve the quality of the interior environment their tenants and guests experience. If you would like a free inspection and estimate for your property in Clinton, Pratt Junction, or Devens, call us at (978) 537-1500 for an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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Do You Struggle with Commercial Storm Damage Issues in Fitchburg?

3/31/2019 (Permalink)

When your store is facing flood damage, your business can suffer. Contact our IICRC technicians for water removal and remediation.

Emergency Repair and Mitigation for Your Flooded Fitchburg Shop

When flooding occurs in your small business in Fitchburg, it often happens as a direct result of structural compromise for your building. While these situations can get out of control quickly, finding the right professionals that can provide fast temporary repairs can help to stop the unabated flow of floodwater into your business to get mitigation started. Our professionals can help with a 24/7 response to storm damage emergencies that allow flooding to occur in your property.

Emergency repairs and mitigation is critical following flood damage in your Fitchburg shop. Our SERVPRO professionals have fully stocked production vehicles and trailers ready to roll out at a moment’s notice when storms have compromised the structural integrity of your building, arriving with our contracting firm to provide quick temporary repairs to the structure to stop the flow of water through compromised areas like the roof, windows, or other damaged points.

Emergency construction repairs often include boarding and tarping services. Our contractors can assess the best approach to protect your property from further damage, and get to work immediately on covering holes and vulnerabilities in the construction of your building. Once these temporary repairs have completed, our SERVPRO technicians can get to work on mitigating your loss with our effective extraction and drying techniques. We cannot begin these processes until the flow of damaging water has gotten resolved.

We arrive with the full measure of extraction and drying equipment, helping us to provide our customers with rapid solutions to oversaturation and standing water. We begin with extraction efforts that range from our powerful extractor trucks to our wet-vacs and our portable sump pumps. To dry out saturated elements and materials, we have multiple drying machines such as air movers, dehumidifiers, our Injecti-dry system, and more. Once mitigation completes, our competent construction team can work on fully repairing the damage to the structure permanently and professionally.

With our comprehensive approach to mitigation, reconstruction, and restoration for flood damages, our SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster team is a wise choice to return your property to preloss condition. Give us a call anytime you need us at (978) 537-1500.

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Call SERVPRO To Restore Your Lancaster Business

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle all types of water damage.

Complete Commercial Water Removal Must Include Walls to Protect Lancaster Office Buildings

A water leak anywhere in your office building can soak the area quickly. When your property in Lancaster sustains a water incident on one of the upper stories, lower floors can contain hidden water inside the walls and ceilings. SERVPRO technicians have specialized training and all of the latest equipment needed to get these enclosed areas dried out, so subsequent issues do not affect your property.  

Water that flows down on the inside of your Lancaster property's walls causes water damage and affects ceilings, making commercial water removal necessary to prevent severe problems from affecting the condition of your building. While stained ceilings can take months to appear, microbial colonies can begin growing in as little as 24 hours after a leak releases water. Our specialists work as fast as possible to remove lost water and prevent such situations from increasing your restoration costs.
To accomplish this, we use thermal imaging devices that show in real time affected areas. The temperature on the surface of the walls changes enough to register on our equipment. We follow this up with moisture readers that accurately determine how much water the materials contain.
Typically, we can dry walls with our Injectidry system, which forces dry air into walled cavities. For solid walls, merely directing warm, dry air toward the affected wall at an angle pulls all of the moisture out rapidly enough to keep it from becoming damaged. Coverings made of vinyl can prevent this method from working adequately. Recovering a saturated wall after we remove the vinyl covering and dry the wall is much less costly than replacing the entire wall.
Because stretching is most likely to occur during removal, you need to decide what you want to cover the walls with after we finish. Once we restore dry conditions, we can also treat the bare wall with an anti-fungal agent. Adding protection like this dramatically increases the value of our services to you.
SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster has teams ready to resolve moisture problems in your office building in Still River, Sterling, and Clinton. Water damage removal teams work hard to restore dry conditions in your property. Call (978) 537-1500 to find out more about our services and how they can help you recover after a disaster. 

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SERVPRO Can Help You Recover From A Commercial Flood Damage Disaster In Your Harvard School

10/22/2018 (Permalink)

Regardless if it is from a broken pipe or a storm moving in off the coast, nearly everyone knows when to call in a professional restoration service.

Eliminating Commercial Flood Damage In Harvard Schools

Harvard residents are well acquainted with flooding around our town. Regardless if it is from a broken pipe or a storm moving in off the coast, nearly everyone knows when it is time to call in a professional restoration service.

Commercial flood damage in Harvard centers around what it does to our schools. As a locally owned franchise, SERVPRO understands this does not mean the University. Our community has some of the finest public schools, and our students test out with some of the best scores in Math and English in the state and the country. When flooding closes school doors to students, it can put their future at risk.

Although Bare Hill Pond can flood and cause problems, most of our area flooding comes from the storms that affect us every year. When flooding is from an outdoor source such as these, there is also the threat of contaminated water entering into classrooms and cafeterias. That can include soil, fertilizers from lawns and area farms, and even animal feces and urine.

To restore and reopen our schools, SERVPRO technicians start by spraying down the standing water and every surface that might have been affected with a strong, anti-bacterial agent. Spraying reduces the risk to property and protects both our restoration teams and school workers. After the chemical has time to take effect, our teams begin removing the water using pumps and extraction wands. Together, these devices can draw out nearly all standing water from a facility.

As we finish removing the water, other technicians begin wiping down everything the water covered or touched. In classrooms and other common areas, this means cleaning desks and chairs with the same agents and examining furniture for signs of damage. Depending on the severity, our teams may recommend disposal if restoration is not cost-effective.

For cafeterias and kitchens, cleaning is even more important. Although we do not disassemble ovens or freezer units, we do wipe down every visible surface and crawl under appliances when possible to ensure everything is ready to support the student population once more.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster after a flood is to help every school and other commercial facilities reopen to support our local population. If you need our services, call us today at (978) 537-1500 to schedule a visit and start the restoration process. We are here for you.

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Commercial Water Damage Crews in Leominster Talk About the Use of Fans

9/18/2018 (Permalink)

When a pipe break scenario sends your employees to work from another office or home, contact SERVPRO to mitigate the situation.

Team SERVPRO Understands How to Efficiently Dry Out Your Business After a Water Damage Incident

Disasters happen to everyone in Leominster from time to time, and your office complex is not free from the risk of something going wrong. Since most offices are unoccupied at night, a pipe break during off-hours can send thousands of gallons of H2O into your office overnight forcing you to deal with a commercial water damage issue first thing in the morning. Offices have many electronic items that can break and be costly to repair if damaged by moisture. Building materials inside your structure are also at risk because they can get saturated and deteriorate. Once water enters the interior of your complex, the commercial water damage problems get worse the longer things inside stay wet.
If moisture spilled into your building all night long, the problems might be severe. The more moisture that gets inside a structure, the more complex your Leominster commercial water damage project will be. Especially if the issue comes from units above your unit, water can drench everything from the ceiling down. If the moisture stays in your office for too long, the water itself can keep ruining items as time goes by as well as be the cause of microbial growth. Therefore, prompt mitigation work performed by SERVPRO immediately after you notice a problem can save your company lots of dough in the long run.
If your office carpets get saturated, then our SERVPRO team might move out all of your desks and office supplies so that we can extract moisture out of the carpet quickly. After our extractor doe what it can, we then commence the rapid drying stage to drop moisture levels of your building materials. During the drying phase, various types of equipment get used depending on your specific situation.
One key element to drying out a structure quickly is to create massive air circulation. In some cases, our SERVPRO technicians set up air movers in a circular motion to help push wet air away from the surface of damp materials. In other cases, we set up heavy duty box fans to create a strong draft of air. It is possible to dry out a building using air from the outside but it is more common to seal off the building so that we can create the ideal rapid drying environment.
If you ever suffer a water leak inside your office complex overnight and the effects the next morning look severe, call SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster at (978) 537-1500 any hour of the day.

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Mold Damage Remediation With Minimal Disruption To Your Harvard Business

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage in your Harvard business stems from excessive moisture, not a lack of cleanliness.

Mold Damage Remediation

Among the various types of damage your Harvard business can experience, a mold infestation causes more than its share of concern. Finding mold growing in your commercial building requires you to arrange a fast and professional response. Rest assured that our mold remediation experts have the training, experience, and the specialized equipment to get the job done quickly with less impact on your operations than you expect.

Mold damage in your Harvard business stems from excessive moisture, not a lack of cleanliness. Water damage ranging from seemingly insignificant hairline cracks in a pipe to a major flooding event and everything in between can provide the fuel for a mold outbreak. The mold spores are always present, waiting for an opportunity to absorb available moisture to promote their growth into a colony. Your vigilance in providing a rapid response to any moisture issues avoids most mold issues. If a hidden leak or even abnormally high humidity feeds a multiplying mold problem, we are ready to help.

SERVPRO mold remediation follows EPA, OSHA, and IICRC guidelines and protocols, and well as any applicable local regulations. The basic protocol is to contain, remove, and disinfect the mold colonies and residues. When done by our certified technicians we are often able to confine the project so that at least a portion of your business operations can continue while remediation occurs.

The crew we send assesses the extent of the mold involvement, aware that mold does not need light to grow. It frequently thrives in cavities unseen. Our remediation is not complete until we abate even that hidden fungal growth. Once SERVPRO establishes the mold perimeter, we contain the affected space, using heavy plastic sheeting as a physical barrier. We almost always add a negative pressure air scrubbing system to prevent mold materials from escaping the containment area, using temporary ductwork to vent and HEPA filters to filter the contaminated air.

Our team mechanically removes the mold from solid surfaces, scraping or wiping. SERVPRO also employs a soda blasting technique that uses an abrasive solution of sodium bicarbonate to loosen mold and its “roots” or hyphae from porous materials. We follow up with thorough vacuuming with HEPA filters keeping the airborne debris from spreading. EPA registered antimicrobials treat the cleaned and nearby surfaces to inhibit future growth.

SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster has practical and efficient methods to remediate your commercial mold damage quickly. Call us at (978) 537-1500 to set up an assessment.

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Mold Damage to Leominster Event Venue Needs Fast and Professional Remediation

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

Finding mold can be overwhelming for you and your staff. Contact SERVPRO at the first sight or smell for thorough remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians Understand Mold and How to Effectively Remediate the Damage

Bridal couples and their family and friends gather in Leominster at a variety of spaces, restaurants, and hotels to celebrate the nuptials. Graduation and retirement parties, as well as milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and a host of other celebrations flourish in the beautiful surroundings your and your staff create. Unfortunately, mold finds ways to flourish in the very same settings. Our mold remediation crews can help.
Commercial mold damage in your Leominster event venue is the ultimate party crasher. Even though your space is cleaned and decorated regularly, mold growth can happen. In fact, the constant turnover from event to event can be part of the problem. You and your staff experience pressure to get ready for the next booking in only hours. Professional mold remediation seems too intrusive and time-consuming but is the strategy you need for a long-term solution.
Your housekeeping staff may be trying to manage what seem to be minor mildew or mold problems on the fly, using surface treatments like diluted bleach. Often this approach merely reduces staining, not penetrating deeply enough to reach all of the hyphae in the drywall, grout, or other surfaces the mold invaded. The water in your employee’s solution also fuels further growth of the existing colony and can encourage any other nearby mold spores to begin new colonies.
SERVPRO remediation specialists understand the complexities of abating mold damage and use a multi-step plan to eliminate current fungi, inhibit additional growth, and plan to rid your business of the moisture that causes molds to grow. We assess the affected space, establishing the extent of the mold involvement. Our crew goes beyond the superficial, searching for hidden mold behind walls and woodwork, under curtains and floors, and in a broad range of other recesses and crevices.
SERVPRO technicians then contain the affected areas, using physical barriers or negative pressure air scrubbers to filter out moldy debris during cleaning. Scraping and employing abrasives like soda, we remove the mold, vacuuming up residual debris with HEPA-fitted equipment. Follow up includes treatment with an EPA registered antimicrobial on surfaces.
We are keenly aware your facility is in constant use, so we do everything in our professional power to limit the remediation activities to specific areas and off-times for your operations. Our technicians are fast but thorough, abating the mold damage and identifying the likely ways water invaded so arrangements can be made to eliminate the moisture to avoid future mold damage.
SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster uses EPA developed mold remediation protocols to respond to your business’s microbial infestation crisis. Call us at (978) 537-1500 to set up an evaluation and work on a plan to manage your mold issues.

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Finding Mold in the Basement of Your Leominster Cafe

4/25/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Remediates Mold from Your Leominster Cafe Keeping the Java Flowing

SERVPRO Works In the Background, Keeping Your Business Open During Mold Remediation 

Many businesses use their basement for storage but going into that area and finding mold damage can create a considerable problem for you as the owner. Mold growth on your property is especially pesky when your business is centered around food service. Mold can cause health effects, and an outbreak in a building that makes pastries and serves coffee would make any health inspector close the business. As a business owner, it is better to take it into your own hands and deal with the mold damage to your property before this scenario can occur. Luckily, there is qualified help close to you.

We can send an estimator to your Leominster property to inspect the mold damage as soon as possible. We can go through your basement and detect the patches of mold growth and answer any questions you have about the remediation process. Our estimator can speak with you about the best time for our technicians to work in your restaurant. If you would like us to work out of sight, we can get the job done during the hours that your business is closed.
SERVPRO can begin by setting up a barrier so the agitated spores cannot transfer elsewhere when we begin to clean. The source of the dampness and moisture must be found and eliminated. We can tear out any porous material the mold has attached itself to that is not salvageable. While SERVPRO does not install building materials, we can recommend contractors to you for any renovations that are needed. While we do this, our technicians can set up carbon filter air scrubbers to help capture odors, eliminating the musty smell. HEPA filters are also fitted on these air scrubbers to capture airborne mold spores, pollen, dust, and pieces of mold.
SERVPRO can clean any non-porous surfaces. After cleaning and removing the visible mold growth, we can spray your basement with an antifungal agent that can help prevent further outbreaks.
When you find mold on your property, do not hesitate. Contact SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster at (978) 537-1500. We can work around your schedule to get your business running normally as soon as possible.

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Expedient Restoration of Your Sterling Restaurant's Water Damage

2/26/2018 (Permalink)

If water damage is ignored it can lead to mold growth.

Trust SERVPRO for Expert Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Your Sterling restaurant might have been around for several years now, but the fact remains that you are still very much at the mercy of the flow of traffic that comes into the establishment every day. Interruptions to this flow can lead to a significant loss in your profit margin, and there are an untold amount of emergencies that could cause a significant stoppage. However, with a little bit of forethought into whom you should call should disaster strike, you can spare yourself (and your patrons) unnecessary time away from the restaurant.

When you are dealing with water damage to your Sterling restaurant, it might at first appear as though it is something that you might be able to handle on your own. Once you start to consider the workforce and time it would pull from the needs of the restaurant, not to mention the general inability that your conventional methods have of ultimately resolving the issue, professional restoration services are a wise decision.

Our SERVPRO team can quickly assess the full scope of the damage while we work to address the damage that can be easily seen with the naked eye. There are many instances in which water damage extends into areas that are difficult to access and see clearly, leaving these areas prone to structural damages and even compounding conditions like mold growth. The last thing that your restaurant needs is mold growing in areas where customers are getting served, or food gets prepared.

That is why our experienced SERVPRO restoration specialists utilize infrared technology and thermal imagery to assess the full extent of the damage that your restaurant has suffered. The technology can show our technicians areas where water might still exist based on a temperature difference. This process can ensure that the damage has not reached other areas of the building and confirm the completion of the restoration process.

When you want a team that can resolve your problems and restore your water damage quickly, you can trust us at SERVPRO of Fitchburg – Leominster. We can be reached 24/7 by calling (978) 537-1500.

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Mold Remediation Is Critical To Your Leominster Retail Store

1/2/2018 (Permalink)

When Mold Strikes Call SERVPRO to Keep Your Leominster Shop Open for Business

Fungus Removal Protects Your Retail Shop from Losing Business

While your Leominster retail store might not have much in the line of employees with plumbing experience, a small leak underneath a sink or from a worn piece of piping can present substantial concerns for you. These seemingly insignificant leaks might not present much of a threat when it comes to flooding or other water damages, but it could provide the ideal conditions for fungus to grow.
Mold damage to your Leominster business should be something that stays on your mind. Not only is this a factor that could cause health effects for the staff exposed to it, but it might also affect sensitive customers that are merely shopping in your store. Taking care of the problem right away can prevent these kinds of situations altogether.
Given that mold colonies grow in humid environments, and are prone to thrive on organic materials like cardboard boxes, failure to deal with the problem could end up impacting you financially as well. Consider the risk to the stock in storerooms and the understanding that once clothing or food becomes exposed to the fungus, you are no longer allowed to stock it on your shelves. Our SERVPRO team has the expertise to remove the threat to your business and your employees quickly and efficiently.
Isolating the affected area is the first step that our IICRC-certified remediation specialists take. Using negative air chambers, along with shutting off air circulation measures to the building, ensures that the mold spores present around a growing colony are not given the opportunity to spread. Removal of the colonies is a thorough process which can involve many different tools depending on the kind of fungus that is present, the full extent of the seated hyphae (full organism), and the surface the colony is growing on.
Typically, our technicians utilize scrubbers to deeply clean the surface where the mold is thriving, completely removing the entire organism. Eliminating the colonies prevents spreading, and along with preventative measures like fixing the source of the moisture in the air, dramatically reduces the risk of recurrences.
Mold damage remediation should fall into the hands of trained professionals held to IICRC standards. If you find or smell this fungus growing in your retail store, give SERVPRO of Fitchburg – Leominster a call. You can reach us anytime at (978) 537 -1500.

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Sterling Funeral Home Needs Special Care to Remediate Water Damage

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

Funeral homes need to remain open for the community members to be able to gain closure. Should your funeral home suffer water damage, contact SERVPRO.

Quick Action Towards Remediating Your Water Damaged Business is Our Specialty

Closing a funeral home for even a day or two is not an option in Sterling. Bereaved families, friends, and community members need a comforting place where they share a loving and emotional time grieving their loss. If water damage needs restoration, we strive hard to ensure our local chapel and funeral parlor continues operation while we complete the work.
Just like any other property, a funeral home battles occasionally with commercial water damage in Sterling. Restrooms, food service areas, and the viewing preparation spaces all have plumbing that can leak. Accidental spills, clogged drains, and even unmaintained gutters result in water intrusions that need attention sooner than later. Our work crews have the skills necessary to mitigate all types of water damage, and we also use strategies to complete the tasks without interfering with a visitation or service.
SERVPRO employees train continuously to react to your business’s situation quickly, using the restoration industry’s best practices. Slow leaks often allow water to pool and spread unseen between walls, over ceilings, and under floor coverings. We use specialized scanning equipment and moisture meters to locate damp areas and hidden pockets of water. Releasing and extracting the moisture is achievable by a number of means -- removing a section of drywall, pulling up a floorboard, or carefully punching or drilling a hole in ceilings or mortar joints in cinder block construction.
We work closely with you on timing as we design a plan to permit air flow, heat, and dehumidification to dry out the affected areas when the bereaved are not on the premises or have been secluded in a different suite in your property. SERVPRO service is a 24 hour a day proposition, providing the flexibility needed during difficult times for those honoring the deceased.
The managers at SERVPRO always consult with your insurer at every opportunity as we move step by step to full recovery. It is crucial to eradicate all moisture to prevent secondary damage, including mold growth. We arrange for plumbing or roof repairs to be sure that the water damage does not recur.
Let us join with you in support of our community members who have lost dear ones. Your water damage restoration needs are a top priority at SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster. Day or night we answer at (978) 537-1500.

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Removing Commercial Mold Damage In Sterling

10/10/2017 (Permalink)

Mold can close a business permanently if not treated promptly, and often no disaster is needed, just a leak.

Removing Commercial Mold

Here in Sterling, we tend to deal with water disasters more than others. It is important to do so quickly so that secondary damage from water or mold is eliminated or at least reduced. Mold can close a business permanently if not treated promptly, and often no disaster is needed, just a leak.

Many owners first detect mold damage in their Sterling business because of the distinctive musty odor. In a facility like a beauty salon, the odor goes unnoticed because the chemicals used on hair, skin, and nails mask everything else. Unfortunately, SERVPRO knows that by the time an owner sees mold growing across a bathroom ceiling or underneath a workstation sink, the infestation may have spread over more than one room.

To stop current growth and prevent future problems, we first eliminate the sources of water. We fully train our technicians to repair and replace everything from leaky faucets to drain pipes. By stopping these leaks, we take away the moisture mold spores need to expand and grow. Without it, they return to an inactive state and are easier to clean.

Now, we can clean and remove the mold. Most workstations in a salon are an inexpensive plywood or fiberboard. Technicians easily clean both materials with an anti-fungal agent and a little labor using cloths or sponges. If the infested pieces have an excessive amount of mold, our restoration team can easily dispose of and replace them cheaper than it costs to try and save them.

For mold across a ceiling or down a wall, it is always cheaper to have us remove the infested pieces and replace them. For ceilings, walls, and workstations, it is also faster to have us replace the affected material. That means getting customers back in the chairs faster as well.

If you discovered mold in your business, or suspect there may be an infestation, you need a professional service to remove it and restore your facility. SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster is ready to help you reopen your doors as quickly and safely as possible. Call us at (978) 537-1500 to schedule an appointment.

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Commercial Water Damage and Your Sterling Factory

8/27/2017 (Permalink)

When production is stopped due to damage, revenue is lost. Contact SERVPRO to remediate the damage and restart production at your plant.

SERVPRO Technicians are Quick to Assess and Remediate Damage so That Your Business Progress can Continue

Whenever a factory ceases production, the economic consequences are severe, affecting hundreds of families. Without the products made, numerous other businesses must wait for products to become available again, affecting many others, including consumers, across the nation.
Factories easily handle most threats, but commercial water damage in Sterling can stop production lines in almost any plant. Our local factories provide goods to industries in aviation, automotive motors, household hardware, and also make the prototypes needed to demonstrate newly designed devices and tools that do not yet exist. The health and vibrancy of our community businesses affect industries and commerce nationwide.
Water damage within a factory setting may hinder production in diverse ways. Included is a leak from a damaged roof during a rainstorm or other problem that permits vast amounts of water to flood and invade an otherwise dry location. Standing water still cannot negate the amount of damage that can occur from constant spikes in humidity from smaller drips or leaks on water coolers, refrigerator lines, and rushed coffee-making.
Water damages materials, particularly those that are porous, by making small changes in the structural makeup, increasing dimensions via swelling, and corroding surfaces with minute imperfections. SERVPRO's highly skilled technicians hold several IICRC certificates, including Water Damage Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD). The knowledge held by our committed team members, combined with restoration experience gained from jobs of both grand and small scale, ensures that restoration of your factory setting happens quickly.
When water damages the factory itself, we cut off the source of water and track it down to where it 'disappeared.' Then, we eliminate every trace of moisture so that new damage cannot happen. It is typically fast work when it comes to fixing peeled paint on walls and other surfaces, examining carpeted areas to determine the best restoration options, and removal and replacing of areas damaged beyond repair.
Our trusted partners, professional restorers, tend to damaged high-tech equipment and other electronics, quickly restoring them to functionality. Our team members work swiftly and thoroughly to clean assembly lines, end baskets, sorting areas, and anywhere else that water has created a mess that hinders your production goals. When presented with situations that may cause delays in your productions lines, our technicians are trained to inform your staff of the situation, keeping you abreast of all developments on an ongoing basis.
Protecting and bolstering our local and national economies is part of what drives SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster in providing mitigation services for factories suffering from commercial water damage. Protect your equipment and product lines from this and other disasters by calling our local number, (978) 537-1500, any day, and at any hour.

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