What our Customers say...


I could have never gotten rid of all the mold I found in my walk-in fridge in my deli without the help of SERVPRO.

I do a lot home maintenance to help my family out, but I needed the help of your team to clean up the mold in our garage. I’m thankful you knew what you were doing and got it done quick!

Your team is absolutely the best! You restored our home back to the way it was and we couldn’t have done it without you.

My neighbors and friends are all going to hear about the excellent way in which your team cared for us after the storm came through and damaged our home.

I’m so glad I had SERVPRO come in to help us clean up after the fire. What a relief to have them there!

We were devastated to see our home wet after the storms in the area, which is why we were so relieved that you could restore our home and most of our possessions.

After the fire in my office, I thought everything was lost. Your team was able to fix up my office and salvage quite a bit.

I was so unhappy when I discovered mold growing in my bathroom, but SERVPRO did a fast and expert job in handling it for me.

Our kitchen was devastated after the fire, but your team really helped us out and restored it back to its original state.

I was shocked at how much damage was done to our home when our washing machine broke, but now I can’t tell it ever happened since you helped us clean up the mess.

I was so impressed with how fast you worked in my home to clean it up after it was flooded by the heavy rains. Thanks so much!

Richard and the rest of your crew were professional and courteous.  They explained the whole process and there were no surprises.  The house is clean and smells great.  Thank you SERVPRO of Fitchburg - Leominster.

You put our lives back together after what looked like a devastating loss, saving family heirlooms that looked like they had been destroyed.  Our homelife is back to normal.  Many thanks to Michael and his crew.

This morning when I came in and saw our sprinkler system had discharged I never would have thought it possible that you would have us back in business in time to serve our dinner guests this evening.  Your crews did amazing work in record time.  I will be keeping you on speed dial.

The cities sewer pipe backed up and was exiting through our basement. They came out the very next morning for demolition. The crew that came out was very professional and knew what they were doing. They answered all our questions and helped us through this process. I hope we never need then again, but if we do , we would definitely call them again. Thank you, to all that was on that crew.