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Using Water Removal Equipment To Save Homes From Watery Disasters In Lancaster

2/19/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Using Water Removal Equipment To Save Homes From Watery Disasters In Lancaster Water-logged homes in Lancaster become drier faster when homeowners opt for water removal crews to handle the situation.

Using Water Removal Equipment To Save Your Home

Emergencies involving the home, which is often the most significant investment made, can bring high repair costs and other traumatic problems to Lancaster homeowners and their families. A majority of unexpected events involving water often occurs, with sources of malignant water coming from outside, inside, and below the property.

Water-logged homes in Lancaster become drier faster when homeowners opt for water removal crews to handle the situation. SERVPRO provides this service to homeowners as a primary service or in conjunction with others, when required. Protecting your home and making it "Like it never even happened" often begins by extracting all water, eliminating moisture and restoring normal humidity levels within the entire home.

Our technicians received training in the use of our equipment and coupled with the earning of certificates from the IICRC, so we know our crew can efficiently and skillfully handle your water emergency professionally, achieving the results your home needs.

After assessing the situation, the size of extraction equipment might range from our large truck-mounted pumps, which quickly remove thousands of gallons of water or smaller-sized and highly portable hand-operated units that remove water from small, localized areas within your property. We do not wish to use equipment too large for a small job, nor too-small equipment for a more extensive disaster. A vast difference exists between a slightly overflowed tub and a broken water pipe that occurred several hours, or even days, ago.

Once standing water no longer remains, we can proceed with other methods designed to extract moisture from structures and other items that absorbed water before we used our removal equipment. Powerful air movers, dehumidification units, and desiccant machines help reduce the amount of moisture in physical structures, personal belongings, and the air.

Because the level of moisture remains a focal point of our work and how we carry it out, we implement moisture readers and detection units that employ infrared technology. During our initial assessment, we test several areas inside your home, both affected by water and other areas that remained dry, and then compare those readings to newly taken ones when we conclude our work. This assures us that all unwanted moisture no longer remains present and that your home is once again dry.

SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster provides emergency services to the Still River and Devens communities, as well as the surrounding areas, including water removal equipment. Call us at (978) 537-1500 at any hour of the day or night, every day of the year, to receive professional assistance for your home's disaster.

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Recovering From Fire Damage To Your Lancaster Home

2/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Recovering From Fire Damage To Your Lancaster Home Fast Mitigation After Fire and Smoke Incidents Reduce Disruptions to Lancaster Residents

SERVPRO Cleanups and Restores Smoke & Fire Effects in Many Properties

When your Lancaster home gets overcome by a serious fire, there are so many things on your list that need to get addressed. With such a large volume of lingering symptoms to remind you of the traumatic event your family endured, it is difficult to consider how your family can feel comfortable living in the house again. Professional restoration services can make this seemingly far-fetched dream a reality for you.  
Fire damage to your Lancaster home can show itself in several different ways. Fortunately, SERVPRO and our professional technicians have dealt with all manner of fire restoration and can help you through this trying time. Working closely with your concerns and what priorities that you have, our certified team can work quickly to give you back the house that you lost and allow living at home comfortable for you once again.  
With extinguishing efforts, damage gets inadvertently done to a home. Our technicians can assess this damage from the moment we arrive, starting with sealing up holes and broken doors or windows. While this is a precautionary measure, it does help to prevent elemental damage from making the situation worse. This step ensures that the rest of the restoration process can be done more efficiently as well.  
Smoke and soot damage are often large components of significant fire incidents, and our SERVPRO professionals can handle this as well. Utilizing our scrubbers fitted with HEPA filters (to limit debris and dust circulating), the team works to completely clean walls, surfaces, floors, ceilings, and the contents of your home. While this process is often successful, there are times where the best that can get achieved is to prepare a wall or ceiling for priming and painting to get entirely restored.  
In incidents that leave significant structural damage, our experienced technicians can prepare the affected areas for reconstruction efforts through a contractor. The process involves controlled demolition to ensure that only the damaged areas get removed and that the areas in need of reconstruction get readied for a residential contractor to install and finish.  
While the thought of a fire to your home might be challenging, having experienced professionals like ours at SERVPRO of Fitchburg - Leominster makes it a little easier to manage. You can reach us 24/7 by calling (978) 537-1500.

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Flood Damage in Your Lancaster Home and Safety

2/2/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage in Your Lancaster Home and Safety If heavy storms flood your home, call on SERVPRO to remediate the damage safely and quickly, we are here to help.

Let SERVPRO Take the Stress Out of Flood Damage

Heavy rainstorms can wreak havoc on your Lancaster property. When the water comes down too fast, and in too high an amount, it can quickly cause flooding, including flash floods. A situation like this leaves your home vulnerable to the rushing waters and can create a flooding issue inside your structure.

When the floodwaters have entered into your Lancaster home and left behind flood damage, it is not a pretty sight. It is overwhelming as well, and you may not know where to begin. However, SERVPRO does, and we can bring in our expertise and all the tools needed to extract the water and dry your home and possessions back out.

After we assess the damage and make a plan of action for restoring your damaged property, we can get to work. There is just one more thing that we need to think about first, though, which is the safety of you and our workers.

Floodwater can be quite nasty. Standing water leaves behind residues of biological and chemical contaminants which range from pests to cleaning chemicals, to pet waste. We treat the environment as hazardous because it is. We have you and your family remain out of the home while we are working. We also always use protective equipment and clothing to keep ourselves safe while we work and then make sure to clean our equipment and tools once the repair work is done.

Standing water can also degrade your home’s structural integrity. Water is a solvent, so it breaks down all kinds of building materials. We are cautious on staircases and while working in your home after severe flood damage. Flooring and ceilings can be weakened as well if there is trapped water in them, so we test for this. If needed, small weep holes are made in the ceiling where water is trapped so it can drain out.

SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster is acutely aware of the dangers of a flood-damaged home, and how to work safely while restoring your home in Lancaster, Devens, or Still River. Reach out to us right away at (978) 537-1500 when your home experiences flooding so we can get there quickly to minimize the damages.

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Mold Damage Cleanup For Your Leominster Home

1/23/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Cleanup For Your Leominster Home If you see little black spots on your walls, you need to get it treated right away.

Mold Damage Cleanup

Moldy drywall in your Leominster home can cause unnecessary health problems and damage to your structure if it's left untreated for even a short amount of time. If you see little black spots on your walls, you need to get it treated right away. Mold grows and spreads quickly, so the situation cannot be ignored.

When you discover mold and mold damage in your Leominster home, it is not enough for you to clean it off of the surfaces it is growing on. You need the knowledge and skills of professionals to help you clean it properly. That is where the services of SERVPRO come in. All our staff is specially trained to handle mold growth and damage properly.

Since mold growth in your home can be hazardous, we ensure that we protect the health of our workers and you and your family. Some of our safe work practices stop us from being exposed as we disturb the mold during cleanup. Other practices stop mold from spreading to clean areas of your home.

SERVPRO staff records conditions in your home like the extent of the contamination and how much moisture saturation there is. After remediation is complete, an independent indoor environmental professional might record that mold in your home has been returned to normal conditions.

Our goal is to keep the mold contamination from spreading to clean areas by becoming airborne. We put negative air machines near where drywall demolition occurs to reduce how much airborne mold that we are exposed to and to make the method of mold removal more efficient.

After mold levels have grown past average, the best solution is for us to remove the excess contamination. We can accomplish this by getting rid of materials damaged by the mold, by vacuuming into HEPA filters the mold spores that are present, and by cleaning surfaces that are affected with a damp cloth and cleaning products.

Correcting the moisture problem is the key to handling mold. We stop the source of the moisture which caused the mold growth in the first place. Even the best cleanup efforts do not keep the mold from reoccurring if your home still has moisture problems.

SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster understands that we must stop the moisture problem in your home in Devens, Lancaster, or Sterling that created the mold growth. Rest assured that when you contact us at (978) 537-1500, we can clean up your home so you can feel safe again.

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Reliable Water Damage Restoration Services For Sterling Residents

1/15/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Reliable Water Damage Restoration Services For Sterling Residents Water Droplets Lead to Damage in Sterling Homes--Call SERVPRO for Removal and Relief

When Unwanted Water Intrudes onto Your Sterling Home, Call SERVPRO for Removal and Cleanup

Water damage is usually considered an emergency that would require the input of a professional. In case the situation is not attended to in good time, then you might end up experiencing a substantial loss in the value of your property. As a Sterling resident, it is essential to ensure that you are in a position to identify some of the most reliable companies that offer restoration services.

As a certified franchise, SERVPRO has trained technicians that work to solving water damage issues that Sterling residents might be experiencing. The first step that we usually undertake is a comprehensive inspection of the damage. Specifically, this entails establishing the source of the moisture and stopping the flow of water into the establishment. Additionally, we undertake an analysis of the extent of the damage and ascertain which areas have been affected. Establishing the nature of the loss is essential since it ensures that the restoration activity is comprehensive and covers all affected areas.
Our SERVPRO technicians use moisture detectors to establish areas that have been infiltrated by the water. Moreover, our team also uses infrared cameras to discover the extent of damage in concealed areas such as inside the ceilings and walls.
Once we have established the source of the moisture and extent of the damage, SERVPRO's team of technicians embarks on an extensive water removal process. We employ the use of advanced equipment including powerful submersible pumps and vacuums. The pump and vacuum units facilitate removal of large amounts of water that may have flooded your property.
Once we have been able to get rid of the water, we use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the property. Finally, we undertake an extensive post water damage restoration inspection, usually with the customer present, to ensure all is good and our client is completely satisfied.

SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster is a reliable leader in all water damage challenges. Call us at any time at (978) 537-1500 and be served by experienced professionals.

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Mold Remediation Is Critical To Your Leominster Retail Store

1/2/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Mold Remediation Is Critical To Your Leominster Retail Store When Mold Strikes Call SERVPRO to Keep Your Leominster Shop Open for Business

Fungus Removal Protects Your Retail Shop from Losing Business

While your Leominster retail store might not have much in the line of employees with plumbing experience, a small leak underneath a sink or from a worn piece of piping can present substantial concerns for you. These seemingly insignificant leaks might not present much of a threat when it comes to flooding or other water damages, but it could provide the ideal conditions for fungus to grow.
Mold damage to your Leominster business should be something that stays on your mind. Not only is this a factor that could cause health effects for the staff exposed to it, but it might also affect sensitive customers that are merely shopping in your store. Taking care of the problem right away can prevent these kinds of situations altogether.
Given that mold colonies grow in humid environments, and are prone to thrive on organic materials like cardboard boxes, failure to deal with the problem could end up impacting you financially as well. Consider the risk to the stock in storerooms and the understanding that once clothing or food becomes exposed to the fungus, you are no longer allowed to stock it on your shelves. Our SERVPRO team has the expertise to remove the threat to your business and your employees quickly and efficiently.
Isolating the affected area is the first step that our IICRC-certified remediation specialists take. Using negative air chambers, along with shutting off air circulation measures to the building, ensures that the mold spores present around a growing colony are not given the opportunity to spread. Removal of the colonies is a thorough process which can involve many different tools depending on the kind of fungus that is present, the full extent of the seated hyphae (full organism), and the surface the colony is growing on.
Typically, our technicians utilize scrubbers to deeply clean the surface where the mold is thriving, completely removing the entire organism. Eliminating the colonies prevents spreading, and along with preventative measures like fixing the source of the moisture in the air, dramatically reduces the risk of recurrences.
Mold damage remediation should fall into the hands of trained professionals held to IICRC standards. If you find or smell this fungus growing in your retail store, give SERVPRO of Fitchburg – Leominster a call. You can reach us anytime at (978) 537 -1500.

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Reliable Fire Damage Restoration Services in Sterling

12/14/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Reliable Fire Damage Restoration Services in Sterling SERVPRO technicians have different cleaning methods for different fire damage situations to restore your home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO’s Fire Damage Restoration Cleaning Methods

Cases of fire damage are common all over the world and knowing how to deal with them is so important. After a fire incident, you have to decide whether to replace the affected contents or repair them altogether. Although replacing all the materials and furniture could look like a better idea, restoring your property is recommended as the first step. That is why you need a professional to help you know what to restore and what to replace

Fire damage can be very disastrous and can lead to massive losses. However, residents of Sterling should consider contacting SERVPRO and let our skilled and experienced technicians help restore the property after the disaster. Our technicians thoroughly clean the affected structures, getting rid of black spots, bad odor, and smoke particles.

Our SERVPRO technicians apply different methods to handle different situations. For instance, our technicians use dry cleaning methods to eliminate light or medium soils that are non-grease. To remove surface dust, we use dusting cloths or feather dusters to brush or lightly wipe the affected surface. After dry cleaning, our technicians go to wet cleaning. Wet cleaning is used to remove the moderate and heavy residues. In this method, our technicians use water together with other cleaning agents where necessary.

Another technique that our team uses while washing your contents is the spray and wipe formula. In this method, we use a spray device to spray and spread the cleaning agent. After spraying, a clean fabric is used to wipe the surface. Our team uses the spray and wipe method on materials that are hard to saturate in water or the cleaning product.

To deal with upholstery fabrics that are prone to shrinking due to wetness, our IICRC-certified technicians use a foam cleaning method. In this, we use a Tampico upholstery brush to stir a shampoo solution, creating lots of foam. We then spray the foam into the brush or a sponge and then apply the foam to the item. We use foam cleaning on light residues or materials that are delicate.

SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster is a trustworthy and reliable leader that restores property after fire, storm, water and mold damage disasters. Call us today at (978) 537-1500 to learn more about the available options.

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Extensive Flood Damage Restoration Services Available For Your Harvard Area Home

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Extensive Flood Damage Restoration Services Available For Your Harvard Area Home Flooding in Harvard Properties? Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

Too Much Storm Water in Your Harvard Home? Call SERVPRO for Help

A flood occurring on your Harvard area property can contain multiple safety and biological hazards, making the use of the proper signs, PPE, and containment procedures necessary while working. The company you choose for your restoration must be willing to follow specific guidelines to protect everyone involved and maintain a safe, secure, job site.

Recovering from flood damage to your Harvard home is a complicated, lengthy process. One best performed by IICRC certified professionals who understand what to look for and which tools to use to get things under control the first time. Never attempt to enter your flooded property without a qualified professional, you can expose yourself to contaminants, or cause significant damage that might have been avoidable.
At SERVPRO, it is our job to evaluate your property, eliminate hazards that may exist, while evaluating whether the contents, structure, and other items found on your property remain salvageable. We come up with a solid plan of action so that you understand what is happening in your home and which steps we intend to take to rectify the situation.  

There are two different types of floods that can occur on your property, clean water or contaminated water, SERVPRO technicians handle each situation differently. During clean-water situations, it is crucial to get the water out and begin the drying process as quickly and efficiently as possible. While the same is also true for contaminated-water situations, some areas of your home can remain inaccessible at least until a technician performs various procedures to reduce the exposure and spread of any contaminants. Typically, black water intrusion is the result of some type of storm system.

Personal protective equipment-PPE- assists SERVPRO technicians with containing germs, allergens, and other infectious contaminants found on your property. Under most circumstances, gloves, boots, protective clothing, goggles, and respirators keep a technician safe during the initial inspection, or throughout the restoration process, which is determined by their findings.

Our technicians at SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster work hard and train harder to supply you with quality flood damage services in your home anytime, day or night. Call us whenever you need help, we supply you with cleanup & restoration services you can trust. (978) 537-1500

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Sterling Funeral Home Needs Special Care to Remediate Water Damage

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Sterling Funeral Home Needs Special Care to Remediate Water Damage Funeral homes need to remain open for the community members to be able to gain closure. Should your funeral home suffer water damage, contact SERVPRO.

Quick Action Towards Remediating Your Water Damaged Business is Our Specialty

Closing a funeral home for even a day or two is not an option in Sterling. Bereaved families, friends, and community members need a comforting place where they share a loving and emotional time grieving their loss. If water damage needs restoration, we strive hard to ensure our local chapel and funeral parlor continues operation while we complete the work.
Just like any other property, a funeral home battles occasionally with commercial water damage in Sterling. Restrooms, food service areas, and the viewing preparation spaces all have plumbing that can leak. Accidental spills, clogged drains, and even unmaintained gutters result in water intrusions that need attention sooner than later. Our work crews have the skills necessary to mitigate all types of water damage, and we also use strategies to complete the tasks without interfering with a visitation or service.
SERVPRO employees train continuously to react to your business’s situation quickly, using the restoration industry’s best practices. Slow leaks often allow water to pool and spread unseen between walls, over ceilings, and under floor coverings. We use specialized scanning equipment and moisture meters to locate damp areas and hidden pockets of water. Releasing and extracting the moisture is achievable by a number of means -- removing a section of drywall, pulling up a floorboard, or carefully punching or drilling a hole in ceilings or mortar joints in cinder block construction.
We work closely with you on timing as we design a plan to permit air flow, heat, and dehumidification to dry out the affected areas when the bereaved are not on the premises or have been secluded in a different suite in your property. SERVPRO service is a 24 hour a day proposition, providing the flexibility needed during difficult times for those honoring the deceased.
The managers at SERVPRO always consult with your insurer at every opportunity as we move step by step to full recovery. It is crucial to eradicate all moisture to prevent secondary damage, including mold growth. We arrange for plumbing or roof repairs to be sure that the water damage does not recur.
Let us join with you in support of our community members who have lost dear ones. Your water damage restoration needs are a top priority at SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster. Day or night we answer at (978) 537-1500.

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Remediation of Mold Damage in Harvard Residences

11/12/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Remediation of Mold Damage in Harvard Residences Typically mold starts out as a small patch and then can extend quickly throughout your home. Contact SERVPRO at the first sight to stop the spread.

Team SERVPRO Arrives With Mold Detection Tools to Isolate the Cause of the Mold Infestation in Your Home

When moisture exists in an enclosed area in your Harvard home for more than a day or two, microbes begin overgrowing. Before they form a colony large enough for us to see, individual ones remain unnoticed. Singly, they are too small to devastate a home. The typical home's environment holds mold and mildew, but ordinarily dry conditions keep problems from developing.

Homes in the area with visible mold damage in Harvard most likely have elevated humidity levels. When we visit a home to inspect for mold infestation, one of the first steps we take is locating where any water leaks exist. It is often quite easy to repair leaks within your plumbing system. Other locations, such as saturated ground in crawlspaces, may require more extensive measures to solve the situation. However, in many cases, installation of a dehumidifier keeps moisture at appropriate levels.

Other aspects of restoration work addressing mold damage and mold remediation can seem drastic, but without them, it can be almost impossible to complete the necessary work. Tearing out walls and other permeable materials, or removing tub and shower liners to reveal microbial colonies comprise a sizable segment of remediation.

Because mold can cause health effects in sensitive individuals, either from prolonged exposure over time or in large amounts at once, SERVPRO technicians wear personal protection equipment, including masks and full suits. Our gear also prevents the spread of mold from the area undergoing remediation to other, uncontaminated areas, within your home. Elimination of mold within any home remains an impossible goal, but we take the responsibility of containing mold very seriously.

After we complete the removal part of remediation, restoring walls and ceilings make your home look “Like it never even happened.” Even so, mold can grow in other locations that also require remediation. Attics, garages, crawl spaces, and basements can harbor large mold colonies, primarily if your family rarely uses these locations. Earning certifications from the IICRC in mold remediation and related fields, we arrive at your home ready for any degree of mold damage and infestation your home might hold.

The skilled technicians at SERVPRO of Fitchburg-Leominster want to provide the services your home needs when mold damage appears. Mold can grow anywhere in your home and appear in different colors. All varieties call for remediation. Call us at (978) 537-1500 for our 24-hour services.

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