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Fitchburg Kitchen Damaged by a Water Leak

When water from a leaking water line on the dishwasher pools on a hardwood floor, bad things usually happen. This Fitchburg area kitchen's planks were soaked ov... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Leominster Home

Storm damage at this Leominster home left the hardwood flooring suffering from water damage. When water is standing on hardwood flooring, it is very important t... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Fitchburg Office Building

Commercial water damage struck this Fitchburg office building when a pip[e running through the ceiling in this hallway burst during the night. A large quantity ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Finished Attic in Fitchburg

The A-frame attic in this Fitchburg area home was converted to a small office. During the renovation, a "short" cut in the electrical wiring led to a fire causi... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Fitchburg Home

Mold damage developed in the attic of this Fitchburg home primarily due to a dryer vent which became disconnected as the photo shows. This led to high humidity ... READ MORE

Kitchen Floor Damage in Leominster

Hardwood flooring is very attractive in a Leominster kitchen, but when a leak occurs, also problems do. A leak from the dishwasher can spread water that overnig... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Leominster Home

Storm damage struck this Leominster home when a portion of the roof was blown away during a particularly severe thunderstorm which carried high winds and lots o... READ MORE

Fitchburg Small Office Flooding Problem

When a ruptured water line in the restroom spews out clean water during the night, the results can become very wet. With swift water removal from the commercial... READ MORE

Mold Damage Remediation In Sterling

Homeowners should always leave mold remediation and restoration to the professionals. We have the hands-on experience and knowledge required to eradicate your m... READ MORE

Fitchburg Daycare Center Gets Very Wet

When a broken pipe spews hundreds of gallons onto the carpeted flooring of a daycare center or other commercial structure, the immediate call for help to SERVPR... READ MORE