Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Damage – Fitchburg Commercial Building

Mold damage developed at this vacant Fitchburg commercial building. The building had been empty for some time, and the temperature and humidity were not controlled. The high humidity levels led to the development of numerous mold colonies which can be seen in the before photo. SERVPRO of Fitchburg – Leominster trained mold remediation specialists would need to demolish much of the mold-infested drywall from the walls and ceiling. Areas that could be restored would be cleaned by wiping down the surfaces with SERVPRO cleaning agents. Once clean the entire area would be treated with an antifungal solution to inhibit any future mold growth. Then the rebuilding process would begin.

Sterling Mold Damage to a Wall

The wet floor wicked moisture into the wall cavity in this Sterling area home leading to a mold stain, shown here very visible. Since it was a small area, SERVPRO techs can scrape off the damage and preserve the drywall. A biocide completes this small job, kept small because of the diligent homeowner quickly calling professionals for the mold remediation.

Sterling Mold and Water Damage

When water fuels dormant mold spores in a Sterling home, large and damaging colonies can develop. SERVPRO crews can remove and discard the drywall panels and then treat the wall cavities with an antifungal agent to exterminate remaining spores and fungi.

Mold Remediation and Cleanup--Sterling

This structure in a Sterling property was victimized by a large mold infestation. Moisture is always the catalyst that dormant mold spores need to grow into large patches. Rely on SERVPRO to assessment the mold remediation process and to secure another satisfied customer.

Sterling Mold Remediation

Ice-blasting is a SERVPRO technique for removing mold colonies from raw wood like in this Sterling attic. A carefully controlled environment is needed by establishing containment barriers to prevent the mold dust and spores from circulating to clean areas of the house. But, this is a neat and cost-effective method for mold remediation.

Mold Stained Ceiling in Leominster

The mold patches on this Leominster popcorn textured ceiling was caused by a leak in the attic. The drywall material was more severely damaged than depicted in this photo and a demolition of the affected area was needed. Our SERVPRO AMRT team members can handle this easily and restore the home to its preloss condition.